There are much more glamorous stories about how a business got started. 

Mine got started because an undiscovered leak burst out a 3 foot wide hole in our garage ceiling.  It was a leak underneath the upstairs balcony off of our bedroom and above our garage.  When a contractor came out to give us bids on repairing the balcony floor and the garage ceiling he said that for “a bit more” (understatement) we could turn the balcony into a closed room.  Hmmmm.  That might be nice. 

Then my neighbor said that if we started a home-based business, we could have a tax deduction for part of the construction.  That sounded like a good idea. 

You see where this is going, right?  That’s how Blinged Up was born.  I should probably make up a better story, but that’s the truth. 

I’m glad now that the balcony floor leaked through the ceiling and that I was motivated by a tax deduction.  I am thoroughly enjoying blinging up shirts (and hoodies and tanks and bags) for fun customers.  I’ve learned a lot, been able to get my creative juices flowing, and enjoyed working on the projects that have come my way so far.

Welcome to my blog.


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