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Recap of my First Year on Twitter

About a year ago, I decided that I should start a business Twitter account.  I heard that it would increase my business network, introduce Blinged Up to new customers, and connect me with those I wanted to be connected to like no other social media could.

As I started, I read and researched a lot of information from twitter experts (there are a lot of them) who know the right and wrong way to manage a Twitter account.  I didn’t really follow a lot of the advice.  For starters, I don’t follow everyone back who follows me.  Is that a breach of twitter etiquette?  Possibly, but I feel like there is a limit to the number of people I can “listen” to.  I did not start a personal twitter and a business twitter to keep things separate.  Is it unprofessional of me to use my business Twitter to follow the celebrities and athletes I am interested in and a few political causes that I support?  Probably, but managing one twitter account is all I have time for am willing to do.

Here is what I have gained and learned from my first year on Twitter:

The good:  Just as I was deciding that Twitter was pretty unrewarding and not exactly what I had hoped for, the most exciting thing happened:  Kristin Chenoweth followed me!! Just to be sure that this is clear: Kristin Chenoweth……….followed……….ME.  I don’t know why, and I’m pretty sure it’s a mistake, but who cares?  Kristin Chenoweth follows me!!  At the moment this happened, I decided that Twitter — professionally beneficial or not — was really quite a lot of fun.

The bad:  I’m going to be honest here.  Want to guess the number of jobs I have gotten from new twitter connections in a year?  That would be ZERO.  I gained lots of new customers last year and finished Blinged Up’s best year ever, but none of my new customers or contacts came from Twitter exposure.

But more of the good:  The knowledge, insights, ideas, and inspiration I have gained from those whom I follow has been invaluable.  I have learned that, for me, the true benefit of Twitter doesn’t lie in gaining new customers, but in the ideas and inspiration I get from those whom I follow.  And some entertainment along the way isn’t a bad thing, either.

After Year One on Twitter, the best of the best for Blinged Up is —

Best Business Ideas and Inspiration:
Carrie Wilkerson @CarrieWilkerson

Best Motivation for Getting My Act Together:
Craig Jarrow @TMNinja and
Julie Morgenstern @JulieMorgenstrn

Most LOL’s:
Mike Royce @MikeRoyce and
Jim Gaffigan @JimGaffigan

Best Sports Coverage for Oklahoma State:
Kelly Hines @KellyHinesTW

Most interesting local weather tweets (and really, who doesn’t love interesting weather tweets?):
Rick Mitchell @RickMitchellWX

And Most Exciting Follow Back Ever:  Have I mentioned that Kristin Chenoweth follows me? @KChenoweth

You can follow me on Twitter for Year Two: @Blinged_Up



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