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Spotlight on Smartini!

We would like to introduce you to Blinged Up’s most recent logo customer:  Smartini.  We think you will love discovering this fabulous new company!

Smartinis were created after looking for an alternative to the diet dilemma…cheating on our diet! Wine is full of carbohydrates and cocktails are full of sugar. The only low calorie solution offered by bars and restaurants are water, diet soda or club soda. Smartinis are the answer to this problem.

Smartini researched far and wide (and drank a lot of terrible tasting low calorie mixers.)  They knew they could make a better tasting, low calorie cocktail, so they worked with their talented lab technician to create their own line of sugar-free mixers. They are naturally sweetened with the best plant-based sugar substitutes available on the market, Stevia and Erythritol.

Smartini offers a line of seven cocktail mixers and two bases that taste great!  You won’t believe they’re low calorie. No more disgusting chemical after taste.  You will be thrilled with the taste, and you won’t believe you’re cheating on your diet!

The Smartini line includes:

Pomegranate Smartini
Lemon Drop Smartini
Eve’s Little Secret, (Apple) Smartini
Sweet Texas Tea Smartini
Margarita Smartini
Mojito Smartini
Texas-tini Smartini
Sweet and Sour Smartini base
Simple Syrup Smartini base

Compare their drinks:  A typical Margarita can have upwards of 550 calories! A Smartini Margarita has less than 96 calories! Five calories come from the mixer – all the rest come from the tequila.  Also, a typical Lemon Drop can have 300 plus calories! A Smartini Lemon Drop has about 85 calories with 80 of those calories from your vodka!

Smartinis are popping up in bars and restaurants all over. Ask for Smartinis by name at your favorite establishment.  Here is a list of where Smartinis can be located:  And for our local Highland Village friends, Smartini’s can be found right here at Shellman’s Fine Wine and Spirits on Highland Village Road.

You can also order Smartinis on their web site. Just add a shot of Vodka, Tequila or Rum to any of the mixers for a great tasting cocktail that is UNDER 100 calories!

You no longer have to drink your calories in a cocktail, now you can enjoy your cocktails without the guilt of sugar, calories and chemical sweetners. Why? Because Smartini makes cheating fun!

Smartini is a Trademark of Lola’s Libations.   Please drink responsibly and NEVER drink & drive.



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