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Spotlight on 8th Wonder Cupcakes


Want to enjoy the best cupcake you’ve ever had?  We have found the place for you!  Please meet our newest logo customer, Flower Mound’s 8th Wonder Cupcakes located at 2608 Long Prairie (next to Red, Hot and Blue.)  Their goal is to make every bite moist, delicious and memorable for both adults and children alike. And we can vouch that they meet that goal! 

8th Wonder Cupcakes is owned and operated by a Texas born and Flower Mound raised family.  They are a brother/sister team committed to making the best cupcakes you’ve ever had and to providing you with the best service.  They have spent countless hours refining not only the baking process but making certain their recipes provide you with the best tasting cupcakes you have ever had. They use top shelf ingredients and bake their cupcakes fresh every morning.

Some of you can remember the days of complete service when going to a gas station. You know, the times when you’d get your gas pumped, your windshield washed, your tires filled with air, your oil checked and so on. And all of it done by a friendly, sincere employee. Well, that is what 8th Wonder Cupcakes is – a throwback to the days of a great product and complete, sincere and friendly service.

8th Wonder Cupcakes are also committed to charity and to helping others. From assisting in efforts to help local senior citizens, local schools, and local athletic teams to sponsoring children in Haiti, they believe that giving is their obligation and privilege.

8th Wonder likes to consider themselves as Flower Mound’s cupcake bakery and they are proud of that distinction. Their cupcakes are made using recipes that come from a long line of family bakers. They use local suppliers for all of their other products from drinks to apparel to jewelry to printing. They feel that it is important to be local in every way they can.


Their goal is to make you feel great when you come to see them and that your visit will be memorable for all of the right reasons. So, go see them!  They promise to make your visit fun, enjoyable and delicious.

Here’s their website where we encourage you to read through the extensive list of fabulous flavors available.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!





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