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Blinged Up’s First Fashion Show

Here are the beautiful blinged up models who showed off some bride and bachelorette tees at the show last Saturday.  They did a spectacular job.  Thanks girls!  (And guy.)

Highland Village Bridal & Fashion Show

Blinged Up is going to participate in the Highland Village Bridal & Fashion Show on February 19. 

I’ve had a booth in one other show.  Last Fall, I made my first attempt at the craft fair business at the Marcus Marquettes Arts & Crafts Show.  It was  fun AND successful, so I’m looking forward to working another one. 

I’m working on rhinestone shirts and new designs for brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, flower girls, newlyweds,  honeymooners, the bachlorette party, etc.   Please come by and see me if you get to the show. 

If you know anyone planning a wedding, please tell them about the Highland Village Bridal and Fashion Show.  It’s going to be fabulous!!