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Reality TV star calls on Blinged Up!


I got an email from a fun and fabulous lady who had starred in a recent episode of Wife Swap.  If you watch the show, she was on the episode that aired July 23rd.  Her name is Angie Funderburgh, and she was the “Cool School Instructor” mom of the Funderburgh family.  She was sent from her home in the suburbs of Oklahoma City to a goat farm in New York.  Now that’s bound to make good TV!   And it did — it was a great episode.  

She wanted some blinged up t-shirts commemorating her appearance on the show.   She ordered a t-shirt that said Wife Swap Diva, and one for her daughter that said Wife Swap Lil Diva.  

She ordered several others blinging catch phrases from the episode. 



I completely enjoyed working on these shirts and loved that she sent me some pictures of her and her daughter enjoying wearing them. 

Thanks, Angie!