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New staff member added

I have a new helper at Blinged Up.  She came last week and started helping right away.  She came to us from ebay.  My daughter thought we should name her, so we named her Trixie.  Poor thing has no legs, just ends at her torso, but I think she can start helping me photograph my t-shirts.

I started out folding the t-shirts on the countertop. 

They didn’t show up very well that way, so I tried hanging them on a hanger.

That didn’t work — too many strange looking folds and curves. 

Then I started just putting one of my rhinestone trays inside of the shirts.

Now I’m going to try taking photos of them on my model, Trixie. 

I made a backdrop for her, and I think this may work.  It’s really very hard to take good pictures of rhinestone shirts, so I’m hoping Trixie can help me out.  She’s on a new employee 30 day probationary period, so we’ll see……..