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Reality TV star calls on Blinged Up!


I got an email from a fun and fabulous lady who had starred in a recent episode of Wife Swap.  If you watch the show, she was on the episode that aired July 23rd.  Her name is Angie Funderburgh, and she was the “Cool School Instructor” mom of the Funderburgh family.  She was sent from her home in the suburbs of Oklahoma City to a goat farm in New York.  Now that’s bound to make good TV!   And it did — it was a great episode.  

She wanted some blinged up t-shirts commemorating her appearance on the show.   She ordered a t-shirt that said Wife Swap Diva, and one for her daughter that said Wife Swap Lil Diva.  

She ordered several others blinging catch phrases from the episode. 



I completely enjoyed working on these shirts and loved that she sent me some pictures of her and her daughter enjoying wearing them. 

Thanks, Angie!


This one was just for fun

Okay, this job was purely for fun –  these won’t be for sale.  But I took my kids and one of their friends to the American Idol concert recently and made shirts for each of them to wear for their favorite Idols.  We do this every year – the only difference is that this year I didn’t have to buy the shirts at $35 a pop or ask my sister and BIL to make them. (But thank you for all these years of shirts!)

These Idols weren’t necessarily MY favorites, but I made whichever ones that the girls wanted. 

 (Okay, this one ^ actually WAS my favorite.)

Then the girl’s favorite part of the shirts:

Fun night.

New staff member added

I have a new helper at Blinged Up.  She came last week and started helping right away.  She came to us from ebay.  My daughter thought we should name her, so we named her Trixie.  Poor thing has no legs, just ends at her torso, but I think she can start helping me photograph my t-shirts.

I started out folding the t-shirts on the countertop. 

They didn’t show up very well that way, so I tried hanging them on a hanger.

That didn’t work — too many strange looking folds and curves. 

Then I started just putting one of my rhinestone trays inside of the shirts.

Now I’m going to try taking photos of them on my model, Trixie. 

I made a backdrop for her, and I think this may work.  It’s really very hard to take good pictures of rhinestone shirts, so I’m hoping Trixie can help me out.  She’s on a new employee 30 day probationary period, so we’ll see……..

My biggest order yet

My biggest order so far came in from………Connecticut.  Gotta love the power of the internet!

I made 23 shirts for a great ladies’ group who were attending the Righteous Annointed Women Conference (RAW) in Richmond, Virginia.  Their group wanted shirts for the conference that read, “Rawthentic.”

I hope they had a wonderful conference and enjoyed attending it with BLING!

Thanks for the order, Celeste!


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