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Good Pets Looking for Good Homes


Know anyone needing a new pet in their lives?  I know where you can get a good one.  Meet Ben, Cleo, Drew, and Lola.  They are just a few of the pets looking for homes at a great animal sanctuary, The Jude Ranch. 

 The Jude Ranch is a not-for-profit “no-kill” animal sanctuary located in southern Logan County, near Oklahoma City. It was about seven years in the making, and is now open and beginning to fulfill its mission. The mission of The Jude Ranch is to provide a safe and happy home for “orphaned” pets and a place where children, who might not otherwise have the opportunity, can participate in their care and nurturing. Initial capacity will be approximately 35 dogs and 30 cats. Every attempt will be made to find suitable homes for the animals, but none will ever be euthanized for not being “adoptable”.

A certain amount of space will be reserved for the pets of people who are terminally ill or have passed away.

For more information, please email or call Liz at (405) 550-9331.  Visit their website at

 And what does this have to do with Blinged Up?  Just these fabulous purple shirts that The Jude Ranch ordered with their logo in bling!!


 Please keep The Jude Ranch in mind if you are looking for a new pet.


Visitors bringing bling ideas

So we had some family visit from out of town this past week.  I was showing them my Blinged Up office and they asked if I was blinging headbands.  Hmmm.  Hadn’t even considered it.  But it seems that personalized, stretchy, cotton headbands are very popular right now in their area, so I found myself blinging up headbands for them pretty quickly.  Team names, school names, one just wanted “Fierce.” 

So maybe I’ll start blinging headbands now.  They were pretty cute.


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