Archive for February 4th, 2010

Measure twice; cut once. It’s a good rule.

In my case it should have said, “Measure twice, buy cabinets once.”  Wish I would’ve done that.  I measured once and went to Lowe’s to buy cabinets to fit along a 12 foot wall.  Except that it’s not a 12 foot wall.  It’s 8 inches short of 12 feet.  So the Lowe’s cabinets that Greg Sharp hauled upstairs into the new room don’t fit.  Oops.  Sorry.

Then the monsterous swing-away press that I bought swings the wrong way, so where I was planning to put it won’t work because there’s a wall in the way.

There are always supposed to be problems when building a room and starting a new business, right?  Okay.  I’m going to take some deep breaths, have a glass of wine, and figure out plan B.  Oh, and back to Lowe’s to return two cabinets and get something different that fits.  I’m measuring THREE times this time.