My first trade show


I attended my first trade show this week — the ASI show at the Dallas Convention Center.  What does ASI stand for?  Ummmmm…..I really can’t remember.  The show sponsors would love to hear that, wouldn’t they?  Advertising Specialties Inc.?  I think that’s it.  Honestly, most of the exhibits at the show were  not really that applicable to what I’m doing.  I did bring home a lot of really cool tattoos for the girls, though.  I grabbed lots of pens, chapstick, and hand sanitizer — that was hardly worth the entry fee.  But the show was beneficial for a couple of reasons.

First, I got to meet some of the people from Digital Art Solutions, the company where I purchased my rhinestone software and equipment.  I met Jay, Justin, Jeff, and to prove they don’t just hire guys whose names start with the letter J — David.  They were great.  They answered my questions and showed me some more supplies that, of course, I want now. 

The best part of the show though, were the classes taught by Jay Busselle from DAS.  I feel like I have gained a pretty good, basic grasp of CorelDraw.  I had purchased it a few weeks ago, but had been a little reluctant too busy to actually look at it.  Now I feel like I’ve learned my way around in it.  I went to all four of Jay’s classes during the show and got quite a lot of information in each of them.

So my first trade show was a success.  That was fun — I want to go to another one.   Next up…..the NBM show in Ft. Worth, May 6-8.  By then, I’ll actually be in business!  And I don’t know what NBM stands for either.


1 Response to “My first trade show”

  1. 1 Anne Richardson February 5, 2010 at 10:51 am

    Great start! Tradeshows are fun!

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