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New office is moving along

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the new room addition.  I refigured the cabinet puzzle and bought new cabinet pieces that fit.  I called Knight Presses and spoke with Aaron Knight who explained to me how to change the heat press so it swings in the opposite direction.  It involves wrenches and tools, so I haven’t talked my husband into that task yet.  I bought a heat press stand from Coastal when I realized that the heat press wasn’t going to work on the countertop I was having put in for the equipment.  When they say that swing-away presses take up a lot of room, they mean that they take up A LOT OF ROOM!  Bought the vinyl cutter stand when I realized that the vinyl cutter (also) wasn’t going to work on the countertop.  I am now going to have a nice, long, empty countertop.  I’m sure it will be nice to have as a workspace.  Live and learn.

The painters finished their part this week, and now it’s starting to look like the room I was imagining.  Electricians are done; countertop is ordered.  I’m waiting on the heat & air guys, and I need to go look at flooring.  Oh — and I need to get the Geek Squad involved.  Then to get the shelving up, furniture purchased……yikes…..I guess I’m not as close to finished as I was thinking.

The construction guys wanted to know if I could make Nascar shirts for them.   Then the painters asked about making work t-shirts for them.   I had to tell both of them no.  I’m hoping it’s this easy to sell the rhinestone shirts, but somehow I doubt it.

Here’s a picture of the room progress — it’s getting there.


Measure twice; cut once. It’s a good rule.

In my case it should have said, “Measure twice, buy cabinets once.”  Wish I would’ve done that.  I measured once and went to Lowe’s to buy cabinets to fit along a 12 foot wall.  Except that it’s not a 12 foot wall.  It’s 8 inches short of 12 feet.  So the Lowe’s cabinets that Greg Sharp hauled upstairs into the new room don’t fit.  Oops.  Sorry.

Then the monsterous swing-away press that I bought swings the wrong way, so where I was planning to put it won’t work because there’s a wall in the way.

There are always supposed to be problems when building a room and starting a new business, right?  Okay.  I’m going to take some deep breaths, have a glass of wine, and figure out plan B.  Oh, and back to Lowe’s to return two cabinets and get something different that fits.  I’m measuring THREE times this time. 

My first trade show


I attended my first trade show this week — the ASI show at the Dallas Convention Center.  What does ASI stand for?  Ummmmm…..I really can’t remember.  The show sponsors would love to hear that, wouldn’t they?  Advertising Specialties Inc.?  I think that’s it.  Honestly, most of the exhibits at the show were  not really that applicable to what I’m doing.  I did bring home a lot of really cool tattoos for the girls, though.  I grabbed lots of pens, chapstick, and hand sanitizer — that was hardly worth the entry fee.  But the show was beneficial for a couple of reasons.

First, I got to meet some of the people from Digital Art Solutions, the company where I purchased my rhinestone software and equipment.  I met Jay, Justin, Jeff, and to prove they don’t just hire guys whose names start with the letter J — David.  They were great.  They answered my questions and showed me some more supplies that, of course, I want now. 

The best part of the show though, were the classes taught by Jay Busselle from DAS.  I feel like I have gained a pretty good, basic grasp of CorelDraw.  I had purchased it a few weeks ago, but had been a little reluctant too busy to actually look at it.  Now I feel like I’ve learned my way around in it.  I went to all four of Jay’s classes during the show and got quite a lot of information in each of them.

So my first trade show was a success.  That was fun — I want to go to another one.   Next up…..the NBM show in Ft. Worth, May 6-8.  By then, I’ll actually be in business!  And I don’t know what NBM stands for either.


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